Loot Monkey: Bling Palace is a 2D, flip-screen platformer about collecting loot.

This is the first screen of a new game (unless you are cheating - naughty).

Dougie the servant monkey has to collect his master's loot at The Bling Palace.

Dougie about to get hit by time, literally.

Dougie is small and faces many threats.

Red enemies move in 4 directions.

Dougie can jump his own height.

Moving platforms help out.

Dougie can also jump three squares across.

Skill required to execute this jump.

Dougie moves at a moderate pace.

There is a clock but it's not a race.

Dougie can go anywhere within the Bling Palace.

No keys nor door codes required.

The party at The Bling Palace left a ridiculous amount of loot lying about everywhere.

Loot twinkles mutli-colours and comes in many shapes.

The Bling Palace has deadly hazards: vomit; cleaners; mad dogs; and many more.

Water, fire, poison, vomit and metal objects are fatal (but they don't move).

Loot Monkey: Bling Palace is currently in development.

The place where loud mouths are.

The Main Foyer of the Bling Palace.

Loot Monkey: Bling Palace is due to release for PC/Mac and Nintendo Switch in August 2018.

Dougie is safe, for a short while.

Sunglasses at the ready.

Screenshots added as dev progresses and the themed areas of the Bling Palace are completed.

The main Palace is complete.

The main Palace is complete.

The Garden section is complete.

The Master Quarters section is complete.

The Business section is complete.

The Art and Antiquities section is complete.

The Guest Quarters section is complete.

The Crypt/Dungeon section is complete.

The Pool Wing is complete.

The Gym section is complete.

The Leisure/Bar section is complete.

The Gaming section is complete.

The Kitchen/Dining section is now complete.

The Utilities section now complete.

Loot Monkey: Bling Palace has been approved by Nintendo. Released Early August 2018.